Can We Inspect a Septic System Without Records?

What if the  Health Authority has no records of the sewage system?                                                                                   We certainly can inspect a septic system without a permit or Filing, however it can take longer to complete and limit the means of confirming expected performance parameters, especially on more complex systems.  We can still examine the components for condition, capacity and performance, and do our best to help you understand how to take care of the system going forward.

That said, you should understand the following:

  1. Provincial regulations that dictate standards for constructing and maintaining sewage systems have existed throughout BC since 1917.
  2. The provincial design and construction standards are meant to reflect the actual property and soil conditions, so failing to follow them can have consequences.
  3. Systems such as these cannot be expected to have a predictable lifespan, usage capacity or level of performance.
  4. They are also at greater risk of contaminating groundwater or causing a health hazard.
  5. How new they might be and who the installer was don’t increase their value.
  6. If you wish to take out a building permit, in many jurisdictions around BC you may need an inspection and sign-off from an Authorized Person, such as one of our staff. This is intended to confirm that the system won’t be damaged by your building plans and that it is large enough to accommodate them.
  7. An Inspector should be able to easily identify an illegal system and won’t be able to provide the approval you need without facing disciplinary action, so you should be prepared for this if you need a building permit.

If you would like us to inspect a septic system that was not registered with the Health Authority, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Inspect a septic system without a permit