Photography is One of Our Passions

What a combination. This photo and the photo below were taken by Ron at the Abbotsford Airshow and exemplify the love that Coast Mountain Earth Sciences’ staff have for technology in general and photography in particular. The complexity and function of the jet engine, the colours and textures brought out through specialized processing software, and it’s attractive as well.

Photography 2
Jet engine at the Abbotsford Airshow

Our passions extend into our work at Coast Mountain, from photographic documentation to identifying and using the best and most helpful pieces of technology we can find. We are always looking to improve and provide the highest level of quality to our client.

Our photographs have been instrumental in a number of court cases, allowing a Judge who has no knowledge or experience of septic systems see exactly what has gone wrong, and by extension, exactly who is at fault.

Our efforts to make the most of technology can be seen through our use of thermography, or thermal photography. We use FLIR cameras which detect radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. While they can appear to be similar to regular photographic cameras, their results can be distorted by numerous factors so it requires training and experience to accurately capture the conditions.  Thermography is not “point-and-shoot”, regardless of what some Home Inspectors might suggest.

These images allow us to do many things that would be difficult, inefficient or impossible without them. This includes visualizing differences in temperature, watching how effluent flows move through components, identifying breakouts of sewage into water bodies, identifying live electrical wires, and evidence of wear in mechanical components.

Naked Eye Photography
What a regular camera sees when looking at cars early in the morning.
Thermal Photography
What a thermal camera sees when looking at the same cars. Which one do you think was just parked?

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Performance of components can be a little more effective when more than one method of examination is used.
Including using equipment that extends the limitations by our eyes alone. Thermal imaging equipment being used to examine one aspect of performance with an ultra violet disinfection device used in a septic system.
And sometimes just appreciating the beauty of a work site whatever time of year. During inspections of the septic systems serving the Mica Dam townsite, a moment for a photo appeared.