Sewage Breakout and Water Contamination

Unexpected sewage breakout into surface water or onto the ground can happen, and we inform the property occupants for their protection if we discover a breakout during a septic inspection. We also must report the hazard to the Authority Having Jurisdiction as required under the Public Health Act.

Whatever you want to call it, environmental hazard, public health hazard, contamination of surface and ground waters, impact to a fish habitat… Our priority is everyone’s safety and we are always happy to assist with a swift resolution.

Sometimes we find a sewage breakout that is deliberate. Pipes that lead from a distribution box or other component to a nearby ditch, kitchen waste plumbed into the building rainwater drainage system leading to a catch basin at the street…  One property owner had painstakingly painted the white plastic pipe to blend into the rocks on a beach. What was running out of the pipe and into the ocean wasn’t as pretty as their paint job.

The dog in the photo above is Tango. She’s a Belgian Malinois, and a valued CMES family member trained to detect sewage. You won’t see her at a residential septic inspection, but she is invaluable in our research projects.