Commercial & Institutional Septic Inspections

Commercial and institutional facilities produce sewage that is, very different than that produced for residential clients.  Commercial & institutional septic inspections are much more complex, take considerably longer to complete, and why very few Private Inspectors are licensed for or willing to do them.  Of the few in BC, Coast Mountain Earth Sciences has Inspectors with the Commercial qualification.

The performance of the septic system will be impacted by the contents of the sewage, such as higher sugar content from a bakery, or pharmaceuticals from a nursing home. The volume of sewage, periods of very heavy use, impact from sanitizing compounds, oil & grease, high temperatures and many other factors affect the performance of a septic system.  Large-scale laundry will also contribute to this.

commercial & institutional septic inspections 2
Institutional kitchen wash station and dishwasher all headed for the septic system.

We have conducted commercial & institutional septic inspections  at diverse sites from daycares to nursing homes, schools, RV parks, resorts, Girl Guide and Scouts camps, municipal parks, addiction recovery centres, correctional facilities,  work camps, golf-course communities,  and other large/complex sites throughout B.C.  These projects often see us working with and for engineering firms, Municipalities and Utilities such as BC Hydro and Kinder Morgan, to provide them with the information they need to support these large projects and initiatives.

commercial & institutional septic inspections 3
Institutional kitchen prep and cooking areas. This kitchen routinely serves hundreds of people.  All waste materials are headed for the septic system.

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Campground with new water-efficient clothes washers installed.
Whether just the size, complexity, or both, commercial/institutional systems can have similar components as a residential system. Above is a 5 compartment septic tank, considerably larger than a septic tank for a single residential site. Unfortunately, the system operator was under the impression a septic tank is self-cleaning, which they are absolutely not. Tank cleaning was very over-due.
And septic fields can cover several acres/hectares of land, often divided in multiple zones. Marker flags show where sewage is escaping to the surface for this system due to improper operation of a treatment plant over years.
Many large systems use a series of splitter boxes that share incoming flows with a series of distribution boxes. How evenly flows are shared is important to prevent over-loading the multiple zones of the septic fields.
Even distribution boxes can be substantially larger than for a residential system. This box is one of 16 boxes, each with 20 outlet pipes leading to a multi-zone septic field under a golf course. More than half of the system was malfunctioning and just to complete an inspection with a pipe camera required basic cleaning of pipes during the work.
Working with a regional district’s vacuum truck, our equipment is very well suited for working on large sites, even those that also happen to be a golf course.
One of multiple septic fields serving B.C. Hydro’s Mica Dam worksite, each being inspected and restored as required.
Confirming functionality through all parts of systems sometimes requires special equipment.
Including the use of thermal imaging equipment to rapidly see beyond the limitations of our eyes.
This portion of B.C. Hydro property is being converted to a public park. As a condition of the change in use, the original septic field from the early 1960’s was required to be fully decommissioned.
The client required all tanks, chambers and distribution boxes be removed…
Our staff monitored Hydro’s contractors to ensure the legal requirements of the change in property use and transfer that relate to the decommissioning of this system were fully met.