Septic System Maintenance

We are not a tank cleaning service.

Septic system maintenance is about far more than simply pumping out the septic tank, as maintenance of a vehicle is about far more than changing the engine oil.  It’s about the entire system’s functionality, not selective parts.

We are registered ROWP Maintenance Providers and offer complete monitoring and preventative maintenance based on the type, style, and date of your system as well as actual usage.

If the system was installed after May 31, 2005, we will main the system by following the current Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plan and your personal usage.

If the system was installed before May 31, 2005,  we will monitor and maintain the system based on industry standards of the time of installation, current best practices, and your personal usage.

If an Operation and Maintenance Plan does not exist or is inadequate, we will create one for you.

You will receive a report of our findings, actions and recommendations after each visit.  As a ROWP, all reports are stamped and signed as per our professional associations standards, policies and guidelines.  If you have someone currently providing some form of maintenance and not providing you with stamped reports, the probably are not a ROWP.

For more information, check out maintenance category of the Info & Help section.

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Inside view of a septic tank supposedly pumped out by a tank cleaning service, but wasn’t properly done.

Inside view of another septic tank that was properly cleaned and now back in proper operation.